Simple Way Of Sending Menards Rebate Mail-In Form

If you are looking for a Menards rebate mail-in form, search for no further. Not everyone prefers sending the rebate forms online, some of them like doing it by mail. Before starting, make sure you know well about the form, what information you are required to fill out and how to send it. These are importantly to know in order that you can successfully send the form and Menards will process it. The last hope, you will receive the rebate check after certain weeks.

Now let’s check out the details about the form and how to mail it.

What Is Rebate?

Rebate is an in-form of merchandise credit check. If you are purchasing an item form a big store, there is usually a rebate form. You can make use of it and send it to get the merchandise.

What Information To Fill Out

Menards rebate mail-in form usually requires you to fill out many kinds of information. Primarily, the form comes with two kinds of information details to fill out. They are the information about the item you purchase and the other one about your identification details.

The first information is about the details of the item you have just purchased including the product’s name, the date or purchase, the store details and more.

Later, the other information which is importantly to fill out is your identification details. Those are your first name, last name, mailing address, city, state, zip code and email address. Some printable Menards form requires a signature.

However, each rebate form may be different one to another. Whatever kinds of rebate form you get, fill out all the required information before you finally enclose it to an envelope and send it to Menards.

How to Send Menards Rebate Mail-In Form

Now that you knew what to fill out in a rebate form. Later, you’ll need to know how to send it, won’t you?

Well, once you are finished with the form completing process, the next thing to do is to print out the form. This way, make sure you print out the form clearly since the information deals with the way Menards processes your rebate. Them, enclose it to an envelope and send it to PO Box 155, Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155.

Final Words

Menards rebate mail-in form is easy and simple to send. As long as you write the right address and add stamp on its envelope, Menards will receive it and process it. In 6 to 8 weeks, you will receive a rebate check.

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